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At Southeast Foot & Ankle, we take pride in our versatility when it comes to treating various body conditions. We are highly knowledgeable about foot pain. Under the leadership of Dr. Anh Lam, we have thrived over the years, helping patients recover from pain and other complications.

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About Dr. Anh T. Lam

A Doctor of Podiatry Medicine with more than 15 years of invaluable experience, Anh Lam has been the cornerstone of our success. His impressive credentials and admirable track record make him the ideal person to treat your particular condition.

Dr. Lam takes pride in assisting the community with a wide range of medical and surgical services. He always performs accurate diagnostic work before developing effective courses for foot treatments. When all is said and done, patients find themselves comfortably on the road of recovery.

Dr. Lam treats patients of all ages and is always happy to accept new ones. In addition, he administers care once a month at our clinic. Regardless of the severity of your foot, leg, or ankle problem, trust Dr. Lam to guide you toward the path of recovery.

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Anh T. Lam, D.P.M.

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