Professional Diagnosis and Treatment of Foot, Leg, and Ankle Disorders

Whether you suffered an ankle injury or have a nagging pain in your foot, you should only turn to a medical facility that specializes in these types of conditions. One name that comes to mind and is trusted by many patients is Southeast Foot & Ankle.

On top of offering the most modern treatments and medicine available, we also make sure that our patients receive the finest assistance possible. This patient-centric approach has made us one of the leading treatment facilities in the area.

Our Mission

At Southeast Foot & Ankle, we have the experience and knowledge to diagnose a comprehensive selection of foot, leg, and ankle disorders. Our certified and compassionate staff will ensure you have a great experience each and every time you visit our location to have ankle and foot conditions treated.

Southeast Foot & Ankle patients gain peace of mind knowing that we are experts in feet, ankles, and related structures of the leg. Our foot doctor and certified staff at Southeast Foot & Ankle will provide the latest solutions to combat and alleviate your ankle or foot conditions.

Southeast Foot & Ankle Center
Anh T. Lam, D.P.M.

7691 Glacier Hwy.
Juneau, AK 99801

Phone Number: 907-789-5518
Fax Number: 907-523-6991